Worth it

It wasn't fair what you did to me  that fateful day
Claiming love just weeks before my wedding day
Begging me to be with you
Cause in your heart you finally knew
I was worth it.
All that time you never said a word
All that time you knew that I was yours
Eight years of hurtful games
Yeah, I still remember all of their stupid names
They were worth it
I still remember how you smelled
Your bony shoulder resting place for my ponytail.
How it changed and stung my nose
I swam with you to your lowest lows
I thought if I gave you love
You'd give up your stupid drugs
If I would've been worth it
Now your words still haunt me
Did you ever really even want me?
What would you have done if I'd gotten on that plane?
Somehow my heart knows things would still be the same.
I'd never be worth it.
You held me in the palm of your hand
Just like Tinkerbell and Peter Pan
Never thought I'd learn to fly
Never thought I'd be strong enough for goodbye
Thought I'd always be around
Thought you could stand me up when I came to town
Thought that someday I'd be yours
Never thought about slamming doors.
I just wanted to be worth it.
I was yours all that time
Right up till I learned to fly
But you were never mine...
No, you were never mine.
And he'll tell you I'm worth it.

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